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Assembly versus Manufacturing

Assembly versus Manufacturing   Over the past decade the LED sign industry has grown by leaps and bounds. New companies offering LED signs emerge on the internet every day. Great news for the sign buyer! More LED sign companies = more competition = competitive pricing.  BUT nat all…
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Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

Before & After: Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion

Before & After: Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School   The staff at Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School found it difficult to keep their changeable copy sign messages up-to-date because of all the great things happening at the school. The cold winter weather in Minnesota dampened any enthusiasm for changing those messages. The…
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Sarasota Glass & Mirror

Before & After: Sarasota Glass & Mirrors

Before & After Project: Sarasota Glass & Mirror   At a prime location on a busy street, Sarasota Glass & Mirror has seen a significant expansion of new businesses all around them since they opened their doors in 1974. They needed to stand out and attract more attention in what…
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Cat Depot

Before & After: Cat Depot

Before & After Project: Cat Depot   Cat Depot is a free-roaming rescue, adoption, and education center recognized for excellence and leadership in finding homes for more than 13,000 homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. Supported by donations and a team of committed volunteers, Cat Depot needed to call more…
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Size really does matter when choosing LED signs

Size really does matter when choosing LED signs   LED signs are not a “one-size-fits-all” product. The “right” size sign for your location and purpose may not be the “right” size for someone else’s location and purpose. The “right” sign should display your messages clearly and completely. After all, isn’t…
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How to Make Your Church Marquee More Appealing to Millennials

How to Make Your Church Marquee More Appealing to Millennials

Studies have found that the American public is becoming less religious. Although 77% of American adults still identify with some kind of religious faith, those who are just entering adulthood -- those ubiquitous millennials -- are far less religious than older folks. In fact, only 27% of millennials say that they attend church on a weekly basis. To grow the flock, it's important for churches to attract young people to the congregation. And in the digital age, religious organizations have to be a bit more creative in order to appeal to millennials. But that doesn't mean you have to abandon what's worked in the past; your tactics just need to be upgraded a bit. Embracing the use of technology and digital media can work wonders, but there's a much simpler way to make an impact on these young people in your community: your church marquee. Church marquee signs are popular for a reason: more than one-third of people surveyed say that they look at outdoor ads or signs each or most o ...
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A Few Surprising Facts About Digital Signage

Digital media in public spaces reaches more customers than Facebook ads According to an Arbitron study from 2010, digital signs reach a shocking amount of people. Data revealed that at least 70% had seen a digital sign within the last month, versus just 43% who saw ads on Facebook. And it's no question that the number of LED business signs has only grown since then. Customers actually engage with digital signs Believe it or not, digital signage actually does make an impression on customers. Of the 70% of consumers who reported seeing a sign, 47% remembered a specific advertisement. That means nearly half of people looking at signs are taking in the information. Digital signs drive impulse purchases Approximately 19% of consumers claim to have made unplanned purchases because they saw a specific product advertised digitally. So if you've ever suddenly craved Doritos after seeing then digitally advertised, you're not alone. If you're looking to spice up your poi ...
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Neon font set

3 Things to Know Before Buying LED Business Signs

If you are looking to boost your company's visibility, then investing in LED business signs is the right way to go. These incredibly powerful marketing tools are a great addition to any business storefront. Just consider the fact that the value of an on-site sign is estimated to be the same as 24 full-pages newspaper ads each year! There are a few things you should know before purchasing full color LED signs. 1. All LEDs are not created equal There is a wide variety in LED business signs. No matter what you are promoting, you are able to buy custom church marquees, digital school signs, or signs for government offices. There are plenty of options to choose from, including many different layouts that will benefit your specific enterprise. 2. A LED light is different from a light bulb Many passersby will look at a LED sign and think it is just in fact a bunch of incandescent light bulbs on display. This is incorrect! LED signs are small light bulbs, and they vary f ...
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A Few Reasons Why Signs Are Important for Businesses

Approximately 35% of people report that they wouldn't have known a business existed had it not been for a sign that advertised their store. While traditional signage is still important, LED signs are taking over the business worldin multiple industries. 
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Back-to-School Signage – How to Highlight Successes With a School Marquee

Back-to-School Signage: How to Highlight Successes With a School Marquee

Our schools are vital to the advancement of our communities, and they're an important marker for our success. A school marquee can serve many purposes, and it's vital that the messages they display are noticed by all. School is almost in session, which means it's necessary to get information out to students and the public at large. Whether you opt for an outdoor LED display or a scrolling marquee sign, here are a few reasons why you should invest in eye-catching school signage this September.
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Making a Good First Impression on Customers is Easy With These 3 Sign Design Tips

While 71% of people report taking time to look at roadside billboards, your business may not have the means to create a display so large. However, your display, be it LED signs or marquee signs, needs to be in a place where it's clearly visible to customers outside of the store or driving by. That being said, there's a lot more to visibility than placement. When working with LED signs, make sure you choose colors that can be seen during daylight hours. Less is More You can make the colors as bright as you want, but don't clutter your sign with unnecessary effects or fonts. Sticking to a simplistic format can be the best way to go about designing print and digital signs for businesses that will make a positive impression on customers. A crowded sign will definitely make an impact, but most likely not the kind you need it to. 
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Five Advantages of a Full Color LED Sign for Your School

Every school has a sign announcing its title, but countless schools are missing out on a product that could bring even more advantages to the table. The value of an on-site sign is equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper ads, and an LED sign is valued even more so. School marquee signs are in the same family as full color LED signs, though they provide a unique set of benefits to schools. Here's what you should know! Get Noticed Despite being the most energy-efficient form of advertisement, LED scrolling marquee signs are much brighter than anything else currently on the market. Aside from a bigger outdoor LED display, virtually nothing can outshine this form of signage. They're even clearly visible during the day, which is a huge advantage. Broadcast Important Information These types of signs are excellent for broadcasting important health, safety, and emergency information to students and the wider community. Not only that, but in an emergency situation, these sig ...
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Five Industries Where LED Signs Are Making a Change

Any business owner will tell you about the benefits of having a prominent sign out front, but what they often neglect are the benefits of full color LED signs. These signs not only allow for illumination, they allow for animation and customized messages. Approximately 35% of people wouldn't have discovered a business if it hadn't been for their sign, and many of the best signs in use today are LED business signs. In fact, LED signs are quickly replacing neon altogether. If you're still on the fence about upgrading your outdoor displays, here's how five different industries are benefiting from full color LED signs. Auto Shops Auto shops already need to attract the attention of drivers -- it is their industry, after all. Scrolling marquee signs or outdoor LED displays are a great way to grab the attention of passing drivers who may want to stop in if something is wrong with their car. One of the most famous outdoor signs in the country is at an auto dealer, the Felix t ...
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