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5 Pieces of Information Your Business’s Sign Should Have

Signage for business has so many options for messages, especially if they are electric business signs. You want to utilize your digital signs to make your business successful, and here are some tricks to accomplish just that.

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7 Different Events You Can Advertise On Your School Marquee Sign

So you have a school marquee, but you're not sure what kind of messages to put up. Here are seven examples of events you can advertise on your sign. Sports Games: Research has shown that student athletes get a self-esteem boost when more people come to watch their sporting events. You can put a message on your school marquee sign so that friends, family, and community members know about the game and can come cheer on the students. Music Concerts: There are many students in every school that participate in band, chorus, marching band, special choirs, and more that would love to have a bigger audience. Marquee signs for schools can be used to let the community know that a concert is happening so they can attend. School Plays or Musicals: The arts programs at school need all the support they can get, and a great way to get a bigger audience is to advertise the event on outdoor school signs. Students will feel supported, and the community can enj ...

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4 Benefits of LED Lighting For Outdoor Signage

For any business signage, the goal is to get the audience's attention with a message. You want your audience to notice your outdoor signs so they are exposed to your brand or organization. Whether it's school LED signs or LED signs for businesses, the signs should consist of LED lighting instead of traditional bulbs. LED lights last longer Compared to neon and fluorescent lights, LED lights last a full three to six years longer, which is about 25 times longer. This will save you tons of time and money since you won't have to replace the bulbs as often. LED lights also do not have gasses that can leak out like neon lights do, so there is no risk of them going dim. LED lights are brighter This quality really sets LED lights apart from other forms of lighting. LED technology is unique in that it produces a brilliant and bright yet clear and easy to read image. These lights stand out boldly at night and during the day because of their intensity. This means that no matte ...

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3 Tips for Using Your Scrolling Marquee Sign

You've seen marquee signs all over the place, and they are meant to grab attention of passerby's for one reason or another. They obviously work, as more than one-third, or 37%, of people say they look at an outdoor ad most times, if not every time, they pass one. Electronic signs and digital signs are now typically taking the place of traditional outdoor signs, and among these are scrolling marquee signs. Here are some tips for using scrolling marquee signs to help you be as successful as possible. Understand your audience and location To make the message on your sign successful, you need to know who will see it and how they will see it. This means you need to understand if you're communicating to drivers, pedestrians, or both. What is the speed limit of the road you are advertising on? This may affect the font type and size you use. Use the information about your surroundings to help you design your sign. Creating a drive by type test will also help you determine the readabi ...

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5 Myths About Outdoor Advertising, Debunked

Roughly 35% of consumers would not have discovered a business if it had not been for their sign. This just goes to show how important marquee signs and outdoor advertising can be for any business. There are some misconceptions and myths that many people assume when it comes to outdoor advertising, and it's time for those myths to be debunked. Myth 1: Only big companies benefit from outdoor advertising This myth is a sad one because there are small businesses out there that have not taken advantage of outdoor advertising for this reason. Whether it's church marquee signs or full color LED signs, the small businesses benefit from outdoor advertising just as much as the big businesses do. Myth 2: Outdoor advertising only consists of billboards Wrong. Outdoor advertising encompasses advertising done anywhere outside of our homes. This means digital signs outside of your storefront, or even an ad on a cab, counts as outdoor advertising. The list goes on and on for what c ...

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3 Reasons Digital Signage Is Better Than Traditional Signage For Your School

Schools are very prevalent in any community, as they should be. They are molding the minds of the future. For this reason, it is important for the community to be involved in them. This means members of the community attending school events, volunteering, and knowing what is going on in the school. One of the best ways to both inform and involve the community in schools is through outdoor signs. Here are three reasons that digital school signs are much better than traditional school marquee signs. Time Saving Traditional bulletin style signs take much more time to update than electronic marquee signs for schools. Nobody has to go outside and physically change the lettering and message when a digital sign is used. The message can be simply and quickly updated from the system right inside the school. More Variety On traditional signage, there is only so much creativity allowed. With digital school signs, there are so many more opportunities for content. Not only that, ...

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Understanding the Role of Community Involvement in Schools

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In other words, having your community involved in your child's life is very important. The best examples of community involvement typically occur in schools. Some of these examples include volunteers from the outside community assisting in the classroom, chaperoning students, and engaging in fundraising efforts. Community Involvement Is Important for the Kids According to extensive research done over several years in high schools, having the community involved in students' lives is tremendously beneficial for them. The New Hampshire Department of Education provided a list of all the outstanding ways students benefit from community involvement. Improved adaptation in school environments Increased attendance More consistent homework completion Better test scores Higher graduation rates Improved social skills Better relationships with their parents Higher self-esteem How To Get Your ...

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3 Incredible Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is the best way to get traffic to your business. If you don't advertise, how will anyone know you exist? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to advertise for your business, including digital ads, direct mail ads, newspaper ads, and outdoor signage.

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Get the Community Involved in Your School with Marquee Signs

Today, millions of students are involved in so many extracurricular activities. Big schools and small schools alike offer tons of programs, clubs, and sports for their students to participate in. In many communities, these student activities aren't just rewarding for the students themselves, but they also enrich the community as well. Whether it's a choral concert or a Friday night football game, the audience for most of these events are the family members of the kids. Parents, siblings, and grandparents come and cheer on their children at every after-school activity that they can. But not everyone school event gets the attendance and recognition it deserves, and students can tell when the crowd is lacking in attendance. This can have a serious negative effect. Students won't feel supported, they might drop out of their extracurricular activities, and then the programs are eliminated by the administration of the school. How do we stop this from happening? Community invol ...

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3 Advantages of Switching to Electronic Signs

Whether you've been in business for 20 years or just started up last winter, it's likely that you already know the impact that signage has for your company. Need a refresher? As it turns out, an estimated 35% of people wouldn't have even discovered a business if it weren't for signage. But is traditional business signage really going to take your small shop to the next level? If you're ready to expand your customer base and break into new business territory, you need to check out some of the advantages that electronic signs can offer. High Impact Signs of any kind already have an impact on customers. As mentioned previously, many customers would never know a business existed if not for its signage. Electronic and LED signs for businesses can amplify that effect. But while a regular sign may grab attention, an electronic sign will command it. Your brand visibility will be higher, your sign will create more awareness, and there's a greater likelihood that you'll be able to ...

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