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Assembly versus Manufacturing

Assembly versus Manufacturing   Over the past decade the LED sign industry has grown by leaps and bounds. New companies offering LED signs emerge on the internet every day. Great news for the sign buyer! More LED sign companies = more competition = competitive pricing.  BUT nat all…
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Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

Before & After: Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion

Before & After: Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School   The staff at Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School found it difficult to keep their changeable copy sign messages up-to-date because of all the great things happening at the school. The cold winter weather in Minnesota dampened any enthusiasm for changing those messages. The…
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Sarasota Glass & Mirror

Before & After: Sarasota Glass & Mirrors

Before & After Project: Sarasota Glass & Mirror   At a prime location on a busy street, Sarasota Glass & Mirror has seen a significant expansion of new businesses all around them since they opened their doors in 1974. They needed to stand out and attract more attention in what…
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Cat Depot

Before & After: Cat Depot

Before & After Project: Cat Depot   Cat Depot is a free-roaming rescue, adoption, and education center recognized for excellence and leadership in finding homes for more than 13,000 homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. Supported by donations and a team of committed volunteers, Cat Depot needed to call more…
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Size really does matter when choosing LED signs

Size really does matter when choosing LED signs   LED signs are not a “one-size-fits-all” product. The “right” size sign for your location and purpose may not be the “right” size for someone else’s location and purpose. The “right” sign should display your messages clearly and completely. After all, isn’t…
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Neon font set

5 Benefits of LED Business Signs

When it comes to outdoor business signs, there are essentially three choices: neon, fluorescent, or LED. While neon and fluorescent lights have proven themselves as reliable choices, full color LED signs will bring colorful and creative business advertising to your work space. Here are five benefits of LED business signs. 1. Longevity Quality LED business lights can last as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to about five to 10 years. They also are the only bulbs that keep their vibrancy throughout their lifetime, making them a great investment. 2. Crystal clear brightness Signs with LED brights are crystal clear, and they are easy to read from a distance. They stand out, are bold enough to see during the night, and can even be read with the sun's brightness. 3. They offer visibility Buying full color LED signs is an investment in your business, with the goal of attracting customers to walk through your door. Outdoor LED displays are an effecti ...
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The Ten Commandments of Outdoor Signs

J ust about 35% of consumers say they wouldn't have discovered a business if it hadn't been for that business's sign. However, that doesn't mean that every sign is a good sign. In fact, a bad sign can actually deter business. So whether you're in charge of outdoor church signs or electric business signs, here are the 10 commandments of outdoor advertising. No More Than Seven Words If you can fit the seven deadly sins on your outdoor church signs, then you're set. Don't try to fit any more, or patrons and passersby will have trouble remembering what the sign says! Unless your parish is widely known for its witty signs, no more than seven words for your ad. No Irrelevant Images! As tempting as it may be to put a cute animal picture on your commercial business signs, it's probably not relevant unless you're running a pet rescue or a vet clinic. Your images should always be relevant to your campaign. No Crazy Colors As many as 68% of consumers say they frequently m ...
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thrift shop sign

3 Benefits of Having a Sign for Your Business

The most important aspect of any business is having people physically walk in to the actual business. That won't happen if no one is aware of what you do, where your location is, and when they can come. Not only are these signs used to get people in, they are also excellent forms of advertising. Digital signs for businesses are great because they have a simple job and they work. Wholly 35% of people wouldn't have even known or wouldn't have discovered a business if it weren't for their sign. Make More Money The best part of getting people in your business is getting them to purchase your product or service. Replacing small store-front wall signs with larger digital signs for businesses can actually increase sales revenue by 7.7%. 
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U.S. Coast Guard Uses LED Signs to Protect Boaters

Over a third of people -- 35% -- would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign. But now thanks to the Coast Guard, LED signs are saving peoples' lives. Safety is the number one priority for the Coast Guard North Bend in Newport, OR. So now they have started to implement full-color LED signs in order to convey important safety information necessary for boaters. These outdoor LED displays were placed at the entrance of the Coast Guard Station. Every boater had to pass by this entrance on their way out to the water, so the goal of these LED signs was to provide safety information about the status of the water and alerts for boats coming in. It also provides helpful information about what boats are restricted from sailing that day under the specific weather conditions. They also used cloud computing-based software that allowed their messages to be displayed almost immediately. This is crucial for boater safety as water currents, wind changes, and te ...
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A Professional Sign Can Increase Foot Traffic and Net You More Revenue

Do you know the importance of a well designed and well purposed LED sign for your business? Are you aware of how much traffic they actually generate? It's surprising -- experts actually estimate that 35% of people are customers at a business or website which they would otherwise not be if it weren't for the company's sign. Sounds surprising, but studies have been conducted on the usage of signage for years, and they all point to essentially the same conclusion: a good sign draws in a <strong>ton</strong> of business and visibility.
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A Timeline of the LED Light

It seems that everywhere you look, you can find an LED sign. Whether it be on school marquees, municipal signs, or signs for churches, outdoor LED displays are everywhere. But have you ever thought about where they came from? Here is a brief background on the history of full color LED signs. LED stands for light emitting diode. They are connected to an electric component that lights up when connected to direct currents and have the ability to emit infrared, ultraviolet, and electroluminescent lights. It all started when British scientist Henry Joseph Round discovered that inorganic materials could light up with the application of a current. Sadly, his discovery was quickly forgotten until 1927. Enter in Russian physicist Oleg Lossew. He observes the same effect, titling it the "Round Effect," and continues to study it from 1927 to 1942. But the French had some findings of their own. French physicist Georges Destriau identifies light emission in zinc sulfide in 1935. ...
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How to Choose the Best Sign For Your Business

There are many different ways to market your business, and using exciting, unique signage is a great method to bring customers into your business. Consider the facts: 35% of people wouldn't have discovered a business had it not been for their sign; 71% of people look at the messages on roadside billboards; and about one-third of people polled reported they visited the retailer they saw on a billboard later that week. The fact is that electric business signs have the potential to grow your business exponentially. But how do you choose the best LED business signs for your company? Here are some tips to help you with the creative process. Purpose The first thing you will want to do is figure out the purpose of your display. Do you want it to be seen from fast-moving highway traffic from long range or at a close range in your front window? What kind of concept do you want to portray, and do you plan on using animation or characters, or perhaps both? If you are planning on only u ...
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Neon Signs of Cafe, Hotel and Bar. Isolated Vector Illustration

Creative LED Business Sign Ideas

LED business signs are effective marketing tools for any size business. They have the ability to make your business and its brand noticeable which will perk a potential customer's curiosity and drive them to explore what you have to offer. With 71% of people looking at the messages on roadside billboards, and more than one-third of people looking at an outdoor ad every time they pass one, LED business signs are crucial for targeting new customers. Whether it be a church marquee sign, electric business signs, school marquees, or municipal signs, 35% of people wouldn't have discovered an institution if it hadn't been for their sign. Here are some creative LED messaging ideas that will bring those customers in! An Unique Approach: "It is All Fun and Games Until Someone Ends Up in a Cone" (veternary office) " Drop Your Pants Here and You Will Get Prompt Attention" (dry cleaners) "Best Place in Town to Take a Leak" ( tire repair service) Time ...
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Neon font set

I Saw the Sign and It Opened Up My Eyes

Try and think back to the last time you were outside just minding your business and a bright flash of color caught your eye. Of course, you had to look, and you saw one of the many advertisements Americans see daily in its full LED color glory. If you are a business owner, these led business signs have the ability to help boost sales by catching the attention of new customers leading them right into your store! Here are some reasons full color LED signs are helpful for your business. A Big Fish in a Big Pond These electric business signs help you to stand out! A whopping 85% of a business's customers live or work within a five-mile radius of its location, so asserting your presence is vital for visibility! With all of the members of your neighborhood going about their daily business, display what you have to offer and make them know you exist! About 68% of consumers believe a business' signage reflects the quality of its products or services, so first time consumers will be dra ...
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