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Scrolling Marquee Signs for Businesses

Single color scrolling LED marqueeMarquee signs have been around forever. We've seen them come in the form of movie theater advertisements, stock exchange tickers, billboards, and other digital message displays. You've probably seen plenty of marquee signs for businesses before, whether you know it or not. Sometimes, they're meant to grab our attention somewhat passively. You really couldn't be blamed for not knowing whether or not you've seen one, but you almost assuredly have.

Scrolling marquee signs for businesses and other establishments are perhaps the most popular and easily recognizable of the sign types. Scrolling marquee signs are used for anything and everything where getting a person's attention is the goal. You'll see them at casinos, on the backs of cars, and even on the exteriors (or sometimes in the interiors!) of bars and restaurants. You may have even seen one inside someone's home! They're fun, effective, and easy to use.

The more traditional marquee signs are also instantly recognizable. Conjure an image in your head of a movie theater with a large white marquee above the doors. Owners of these signs would stick letters onto the sign manually. Some restaurants even use these signs to advertise a new sandwich or a fast food deal. Churches also typically use these type of signs to inform passersby about the details of an upcoming service or event.

Signs Plus has been in the business signage game for a long time. Nobody has made better use of industry research and data to provide a product that is statistically guaranteed to be attention-grabbing. Simply put, we know exactly what it is that makes a person pay attention to something or lose their attention span altogether.

Signs Plus understands a business's needs, and we provide businesses and organizations in need of beautiful, effective signage a place to have their ideas become reality. Call us today or stop in to find the perfect sign for your business or organization.

What our Customers Are Saying

"Five minutes after the sign went up a customer came in looking for an item we had advertised on the sign. He didn't know we sold it. He had been in another town looking for it, drove by on his way home, saw it on the sign and turned around and came in and bought it."

Warren Croft
Owner, Croft Lumber

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