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4 Myths About LED Lights You Shouldn’t Believe When It Comes to Your Outdoor School Signs

LED lights have been around for some time now, yet there are still misconceptions surrounding them. Here are some common myths about LED lights that you shouldn't believe when it comes to your outdoor LED school signs. LED bulbs are too expensive This is one of the most common myths surrounding LED bulbs. While it's true that they have a higher up-front cost than other types of bulbs, they will save you a ton of money in the long run. They last significantly longer than other types, too. The average life-span of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours, while outdoor flood lights last about 35,000 hours. LED is not as bright Some people are concerned that their outdoor LED school sign won't be seen because they think that LEDs are not bright enough. This is not true, though. LED lights shine just as bright as other types of bulbs while remaining more efficient. LED bulbs only produce blue light LED lights can be blue if you want them to be. When LEDs first came around, ...

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7 Different Events You Can Advertise On Your School Marquee Sign

So you have a school marquee, but you're not sure what kind of messages to put up. Here are seven examples of events you can advertise on your sign. Sports Games: Research has shown that student athletes get a self-esteem boost when more people come to watch their sporting events. You can put a message on your school marquee sign so that friends, family, and community members know about the game and can come cheer on the students. Music Concerts: There are many students in every school that participate in band, chorus, marching band, special choirs, and more that would love to have a bigger audience. Marquee signs for schools can be used to let the community know that a concert is happening so they can attend. School Plays or Musicals: The arts programs at school need all the support they can get, and a great way to get a bigger audience is to advertise the event on outdoor school signs. Students will feel supported, and the community can enj ...

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3 Reasons Digital Signage Is Better Than Traditional Signage For Your School

Schools are very prevalent in any community, as they should be. They are molding the minds of the future. For this reason, it is important for the community to be involved in them. This means members of the community attending school events, volunteering, and knowing what is going on in the school. One of the best ways to both inform and involve the community in schools is through outdoor signs. Here are three reasons that digital school signs are much better than traditional school marquee signs. Time Saving Traditional bulletin style signs take much more time to update than electronic marquee signs for schools. Nobody has to go outside and physically change the lettering and message when a digital sign is used. The message can be simply and quickly updated from the system right inside the school. More Variety On traditional signage, there is only so much creativity allowed. With digital school signs, there are so many more opportunities for content. Not only that, ...

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