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LED Lighting

convert your fluorescent light bulbs to energy efficient leds!

Fluorescent to LED Conversion

For years, fluorescent bulbs have been the industry standard for illuminating outdoor signs. They were the only option. But that's no longer true. Now you can light your signs with LED light sticks that are economical, long-lasting and much more environmentally friendly

LED light sticks can replace the fluorescent bulbs in your existing signs or you can opt to upgrade your new signs to include LED lighting. The light sticks fit right into your existing T12 sockets. Available in single-sided or double-sided sticks. 

Advantages of converting fluorescent bulbs to LED light sticks

  • Mercury Free – LEDs contain no mercury. They're safe for the environment.
  • Better Efficiency – LEDs are 50% to 70% more efficient than fluorescent bulbs.
  • Quality Light ­ LEDs don’t have the flickering issues that can happen with fluorescent.
  • Shatterproof  – LED light sticks are shatterproof. 

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