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Five Advantages of a Full Color LED Sign for Your School

Jul 28 2016

Every school has a sign announcing its title, but countless schools are missing out on a product that could bring even more advantages to the table.

The value of an on-site sign is equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper ads, and an LED sign is valued even more so. School marquee signs are in the same family as full color LED signs, though they provide a unique set of benefits to schools. Here's what you should know!

Get Noticed
Despite being the most energy-efficient form of advertisement, LED scrolling marquee signs are much brighter than anything else currently on the market. Aside from a bigger outdoor LED display, virtually nothing can outshine this form of signage. They're even clearly visible during the day, which is a huge advantage.

Broadcast Important Information
These types of signs are excellent for broadcasting important health, safety, and emergency information to students and the wider community. Not only that, but in an emergency situation, these signs can be used to relay vital information to emergency services.

Community News

Whether your football team won the homecoming game or you simply want to announce a fundraising event open to the community at large, these signs are fantastic for relaying event information to the community. If your school is in a central location, the amount of drivers who will see the information may just outweigh word of mouth.

Video Footage

With a fully operational LED school marquee, the sign becomes your own personal video advertisement platform. With it, you can show full-motion videos of sports teams, school clubs, and even advertise the school play or musical.

Reduced Maintenance
While a normal sign can require significant amounts of maintenance and may even fade over the years, LED signs require minimal maintenance, save for regular cleaning and a few bulb replacements every now and then. This way, you'll be able to dedicate more time to the content of your signs and less to its overall performance.

Approximately 68% of consumers report making shopping and outing decisions in their car, and 32% visited a location advertised on an LED sign within a week of first seeing it. If your school is one that hosts a multitude of events, LED signs provide significantly more opportunities for schools to advertise.

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