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Let School Spirit Shine with Outdoor LED School Signs

Dec 01 2018

Five great reasons to choose outdoor LED school signs to promote all your school activities.

Five great reasons to choose outdoor LED school signs
to promote all your school activities

Don't Count Out the Simple Sign -- and Here's Why

Oct 03 2018
Signs are an incredibly simple, yet effective way to get word about your business out there and ensure that your revenue continues to climb. Here's why they matter and how to make your signs stand out in a crowd.

Outdoor LED Sign Trends For Summer 2018

Sep 11 2018

With the hustle and bustle summer normally brings, it's not surprising that it came and went pretty fast. Now that summer is almost over, let's look back at some of the trends we saw with LED signs for summer 2018. Church signs saying, "Let There Be Light" Over this past summer, many church marquee signs saw the message, "Let There Be Light." Many rural churches have decided to turn away from traditional static signs and turn on the lights so that people driving by can find them more easily. LED signs help churches of all sizes enjoy the benefits of available today's available technology. Some churches have to deal with zoning restrictions, but that isn't stopping them from stepping up their sign game.  Municipalities are embracing LED signs Cities, counties, and governmental entities have begun to see how important it is to communicate to the masses. Before LED signs, municipalities relied on hardcopy print communications that were costly and not timely. Now, they are ...

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