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LED Scoreboards

indoor and outdoor led scoreboards

Indoor and outdoor LED ScoreboardsSigns Plus state-of-the-art scoreboards are constructed of heavy-duty galvanneal steel with a premier powder-coat finish to ensure maximum strength, durability and lasting appearance. Steel scoreboard cabinets are stronger, more rigid, can withstand higher wind loads and are more dent resistant than aluminum cabinets. 

  • Superior bright LEDs -largest in the industry
  • Rated for 100,000 hours of use
  • LED's are low power consumption
  • Built in the USA

    Plus, our scoreboards feature super-bright LED displays, which are the largest in the industry and  require no maintenance. Your school will enjoy trouble-free scoring without EVER changing a light bulb. LED technology also means low power consumption - a savings of over 90 percent when compared to light bulb -style scoreboards!

    Tabletop LED ScoreboardsSponsor panels are available for all permanent mount scoreboards. Logos are available for an additional charge.

We have tabletop and mobile scoreboards too! Call us today at 800-848-4262 for more information. 

Eliminate the need for additional scorekeepers! Umpires/referees can easily operate your scoreboard with a handheld controller.

  • Charges in a convenient custom cradle
  • Slim 1.25” easy-to-hold profile makes one-handed operation simple
  • 1,000’ + wireless range
  • Lightweight/portable
  • Recharging cradle (included) keeps the controller ready for your next game
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery included
  • Back-up power via mini-USB port (USB cable included)
  • 8+ hours of operation from each charge (actual hours depend on use/sport)
  • Operate multiple scoreboards simultaneously
  • 2.4 GHz, frequency hopping spread spectrum technology insures a strong wireless signal
  • Off-Battery Power via USB

Options vary by model / sport. Call us at 800-848-4262 for more information on customizing your scoreboard. 

  • Wireless Remote Control AC System
  • Wireless Remote Control Battery Option
  • Solar-Charged Battery Power
  • Rechargeable Battery Power
  • Conversion Kit: Magnetic panels that easily attach to scoreboard for playing different sports.
  • Sponsor Panel(s)
  • Electronic Message Center
  • Controller Carry Case 
  • Custom Logo/Lettering on Board
  • Time Outs Left Option

Solar-Charged Battery - Protect your budget and your environment by going solar.

Designed for circumstances in which electrical power isn't practical, our Solar Power System offers a budget and environment friendly alternative to powering your scoreboard.

  • Protect Your Environment
  • Keep your sports field pristine and protect it from the violent trench digging associated with a cable installation
  • Reduce dependency on nonrenewable fossil fuels
  • Make a positive statement within your community
  • Protect Your Budget
  • Qualify for numerous tax incentives, grants or loans that may even pay for your scoreboard
  • Save on hefty installation costs
  • Drastically reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill

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