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LCD Digital Signs

indoor lcd commercial signs

Realtor Indoor LCD Commercial SignThe uses for LCD digital signage have moved far beyond displaying images on static screens.  LCD Signs are everywhere -- in transportation, commercial advertising, campus communications, direction/wayfinding, meeting rooms and classrooms. Digital media allows you to use video, motion, animation, sound, and other media-rich tools to create a message that really gets noticed. 

Commercial LCD displays are designed to handle heat dissipation and cooling more efficiently. They're engineered to work well with a PC and their architecture supports long hours of operation with economical power consumption. Commercial grade LCDs also carry longer warranties. Commercial grade LCD signs are warrantied for three to five years and rated for over 50,000 hours of use. Consumer models are rated to last less than half this amount of time.

Signs Plus product experts will tailor a digital signage plan that focuses on your individual needs. We'll work with you from start to finish to set up your software, install your hardware and design your communication programs. 


Manatee Indoor LCD SignIndoor LCD Sign

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