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How our signs are built

  • Reinforced corners prevent warping or twisting.
  • Illuminated with standard length, high-output, energy-efficient fluorescent lamps. 
  • Faces:

    • Faces are formed from unbreakable, solar-grade, polycarbonate material that will never yellow or discolor. 
    • Exclusive Spraylat sign painting applied on the inside of the sign face preventing fading and vandal scratching or marring.

    Vandal Cover:

    • Protective vandal cover locks down securely to prevent your letters from being rearranged or stolen. 
    • Self locking supports hold the vandal cover securely allowing you to change your message with ease. 

    Letters / Characters:

    • Characters are silk-screened on the front of clear plastic blanks to reduce scratching when placed against the sign surface.