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Polyarmor Signs for Business


Full Color LED Sign in a Polyarmor StructureThese signs offer VALUE! Not only are they utilized for award winning designs, but they also provide DURABILITY second to none.
All components of the construction are synthetic materials. There will be no rusting, rotting, or deterioration of any kind.

The exterior finish of these signs is 100% aggregated acrylic. The color is integral and will not peel, crack, or blister.

Installation is an easy process. Direct burial installation and light weight are definite advantages. 

Another advantage is the ability to build attractive structures around and encapsulate illuminated and LED cabinets for a professional architectural appearance.

  • Durable: All synthetic construction won't rust or rot. PolyArmor hardcoat surface is highly impact resistant. No comparison to traditional stucco techniques. Tougher than the others.
  • Versatile: Add Panels, Engraved Graphics, Dimensional Graphics, Illuminated Sign Cabinets, Faux Brick Accents & Stone Veneers. Use Your Imagination.
  • Easy to Install: 2 person crew with simple tools can handle installation of a typical 5'x10' sign without any heavy equipment.

Consists of a solid, shaped, polystyrene core, sealed for durability and strength with a thick polyurethane hard coat and finished with a 100% acrylic textured finish.
Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: Prefabricated, no site mess or weather delays.
  • Better looking: No exposed seams or fasteners. No "oil canning" as is likely with aluminum or plastic signs.
  • Durable Time proven fade resistant finish: Weather and insect proof.
  • Easily repaired if unlikely damage occurs.
  • Easily transported due to low weight and removable mounting posts.
  • Standard models available for simple design & layout.
  • Custom models available and welcome.
  • Available with custom caps, columns, bases, pole covers & architectural trim.

Step 1: Determine placement of sign and location of mounting holes.
Step 2: Utilize post hole diggers or auger drill, dig two holes, depth as required.
Step 3: Place steel posts into sleeves located in the bottom of sign. Spray expanding polymeric resin foam into gap around post.
Step 4: Place a couple of cinder blocks or any other "spacer device" on ground beside holes.
Step 5: Place sign onto bocks, placing posts in the holes.
Step 6: Mix concrete according to directions on bag and pour into holes.
Step 7: Remove spacer blocks and allow sign to rest on ground.
Step 8: Level sign, clean up any debris, you're finished!


Mounting is by "Direct Burial" method of installation. PVC post sleeves are embedded into the sign core to allow steel mounting posts to slide in place just prior to mounting. Note: Steel posts are not included.

Identification Sign, Cabinet, Support Structure & Changeable Copy Faces

  • Lifetime vandalism warranty
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty on Electrical 
  • Lifetime labor warranty on Components

LED Signs

  • Lifetime technical support
  • Lifetime FREE software training and support  
  • 5 Year manufacturer’s advanced replacement parts warranty 
  • 10 years parts availability guarantee

Ovation Tri-Color LED Signs

  • 3 Year manufacturers warranty on LED sign

Polyarmor Signs

  • 5 Year workmanship warranty on Polyarmor structure
Contact a Signs Plus product specialist at 800-848-4262 for complete warranty details on all our sign products. 

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