5 Ways a School Marquee Can Be an Effective Communication Tool

Posted by Sean Woitas on October 1, 2020 LED Signs For Schools.

5 Ways a School Marquee Can Be an Effective Communication Tool

Sharing information is an integral part of every learning institution. Whether you are trying to raise awareness or share news, the communication must be efficient and cost-effective.

Research shows that digital signs capture the attention of passersby better than traditional outdoor signage. A LED school marquee sign is one way you can enhance communication within the school community. Here are ways it can facilitate communication within the institution.

1. Information Sharing

You can share information about weather alerts or security threats within the institution. You can use it to coordinate fire drills to prepare students and teachers for an emergency. When there is an actual crisis, digital marquee signs can be useful in providing alerts to the first responders at the scene.

2. Student Recognition

You can use the school marquee display to recognize top performers in the institution. The marquee can display a lot more information than a school bulletin board.

You can make use of its capabilities to show achievements in the school. Using QR codes, you can redirect your audience to a website with more information on contests and awards. Electronic signage is a great way to motivate students and teachers.

3. Raise Awareness

You can also employ the school marquee to share updates with the school community. Electronic signs can handle a wide range of media, ranging from photos to high definition videos. You can also change the message that is being displayed as often as necessary.

With full color LED signs, you can share videos of your school team winning the playoffs. Its rich media features allow you to utilize content from social platforms. It is an ideal option for raising funds for a school or community event.

4. Cut Maintenance Expenses

Conventional outdoor signboards will require maintenance every few months to uphold the quality of the display. An electronic school marquee sign can last for more than ten years without losing the quality of its output.

School LED signs are economical when it comes to power consumption. They use energy-saving LEDs that consume less power than the classic signage you’ll find in the market. You can broadcast real-time information 24-7, or you could choose to turn it on only when necessary. In the long run, it is more cost-effective than school bulletin boards and outdoor signage.

5. Get Maximum Exposure

Outdoor LED school signs are more readable than conventional bulletin boards. The signage can project high-resolution images, even when exposed to sunlight. They are clear enough to be viewed by motorists.

Your school could be along the highway and has to compete with other signage. A full-color digital marquee is a great option to have your message stand out.

For maximum impact, avoid using too much text or overwhelming your audience with graphics. Since you can update the display in real-time, it is wiser to break complex messages into smaller chunks.


An LED sign has many features that make it a powerful communication tool given that on-site signage has a value that is equal to 24 newspaper ads every year. You can use a wide range of media and tailor your message to your audiences. It is also critical that you find the right display to meet your school’s requirements. You can talk to us today if you need assistance in choosing a school marquee sign.