4 Incredible Benefits of Electronic Signs for Businesses

Posted by Sean Woitas on September 29, 2020 LED Signs For Business.

4 Incredible Benefits of Electronic Signs for Businesses

Any smart entrepreneur knows that having a great product or service is not enough to guarantee the success of their business. You need to actively market your brand to the right audience. What’s the point of having the best product in the world if people don’t know about it?

One of the best and most effective ways to showcase your brand to the world is through outdoor electronic signs. Digital LED signboards attract customers to your physical store, giving you an edge over your competition. Here are four ways electronic business signs can help your business.

1. Creates a Lasting Impression

The human vision has evolved to notice quick changes in motion, contrast, and vivid colors. Outdoor LED signs deliver all three and are capable of grabbing the attention of potential customers passing by your business.

A study commissioned by FedEx showed 76% of participants could recognize a digital sign they had seen in the past month, 63% could remember two, and 47% remembered three. Digital LED business signs capture 400% more views than static displays, with 35% of people saying they would not have discovered a business were it not for their signage.

2. More Revenue

With an excellent recall rate of 83%, commercial business signs can effectively attract new customers to your stores. Eight out of every ten customers say they entered an establishment they had never gone in before after a LED sign caught their attention. The added foot traffic to your store can help boost your annual sales.

Besides, businesses can tap into consumers’ impulsive behaviors to rake in more revenue. Remember that at least 20% to 45% of retail stores’ sales come from an unplanned impulse buy. Electronic signs displaying offers and product benefits can help nudge consumers to make a purchase they have been postponing.

3. Increased Brand Awareness

Digital signage can help improve the customer experience within a physical store, providing essential information about products or services. With thousands of potential clients passing outside your store in a month, a creative electronic business sign can help make them familiar with products or services your offer. Electronic signs can match the color, design, and style of your business.

Customers can, therefore, resonate with the message you are trying to get across. You can create dynamic content for display, keeping your potential clients engaged. Connect with your customers better with a new flashy digital sign.

4. Cost-Effective Advertising

Outdoor electronic signs are one of the least expensive, yet most effective, modes of advertisement and marketing. A survey by the Small Business Association shows that a newspaper listing has a cost of $7.30 per 1000 impressions while radio ads need a $5 investment for the same amount of impressions. On the other hand, you can create 1000 impressions for $0.15 with a digital business sign. You only need to strategically place your LED signboard and continue to direct customers to your shops.

Electronic signs will also help you cut down on the cost of print media since you do not have to print new materials for every special offer or product launch.

Getting electronic signs for your business can help you stand apart from your competitors. Communicate to your customers with a unique LED signage from Signs Plus. Our experts will analyze your project’s criteria and objectives and design the right LED sign for your business.