The #1 Way to Advertise Your Church and Bring in Dozens of New Visitors

By Steve Kroening

If you're like most pastors, you've probably tried a lot of different methods to reach your community and bring in new visitors. You may have bought advertising space in your local newspaper. You may have sent out postcards or letters to the community. And you may have even tried radio or TV commercials. So which one of these is the most effective? The answer might surprise you....

A recent study found that one particular method of advertising reaches more people, brings the best response, and is the most cost effective.

In fact, this method can reach your community at a fraction of the cost of most other forms of advertising. This study found that:

Obviously, none of these forms of advertising can significantly cut your advertising costs. They all cost a lot of money to reach your community. But there's a much bigger problem with each of these methods - each of them touches those 1,000 people only one time. You spend all that money and they hear your message once.

Marketing research suggests that someone has to hear your message at least seven times before they will respond to it. So you have to spend seven times that amount to get a response using any of these methods.

Wouldn't it be great to have an advertising method that reaches those same 1,000 people for pennies? And, even better, continue to reach those people without adding to your costs?

Well, such a method exists. In fact, the same study mentioned above says this method can reach those 1,000 people for about 15 cents. Now that's a cost savings!

So what is this incredible form of advertising that reaches so many people for such a small cost? Before I tell you, remember that sometimes the simplest answers work the best - and this "keep it simple" rule definitely applies with advertising your church.

That's because the most cost effective means to advertise your church is by using a variable message display in front of your church. That's right! A sign is the absolute best dollar-for-dollar form of advertising you can use.

In addition to great cost savings over the life of your sign, there are a number of other advertising advantages to a well-designed sign:

But that's not all. A sign is the most effective way to communicate with your community. Relationships have always been the most powerful way to build any business or charitable organization - especially churches.

One study suggests that 85% of the people in church come because of a friend or relative. The more people get to know you and trust you, the more likely they are to attend. And good relationships begin with good communication. The more you communicate with the people around you, the more they get to know you. And a sign "talks" with everyone who drives by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your sign introduces your church to each individual driver (and passenger) who travels past your church.

Let's say you want to do an event at your church to reach out to the community. You have only a few weeks to get the message out. You could run an advertisement in the paper, or on TV or radio. Or you could send out postcards. Each of these will take a significant amount of time, energy, and money. But a sign will get the message out immediately, with little time, effort, or money.

What's more, great signs help to make your church a landmark in the community. Before long, everyone in town will know who you are and what separates your church from every other church in the area. And they will trust you more because they're familiar with your message.

And right now, during tough economic times, it's vital you get your message to the community. With more and more people struggling economically, the church has a message of hope that works extremely well on signs. You never know when someone who has just lost a job will drive by your church. A sign of hope can change that person's life.

A sign also can help draw large numbers of people into your church. Statistics show that churches experience significant growth during tough economic times. People are looking for hope. And a sign can tell them where to find that hope - at your church.

Finally, right now may be the absolute best time to buy a sign for your church. Because times are tough, many sign companies are offering significant discounts on their signs. In fact, one of my favorite sign companies, Signs Plus, a national sign company with an impeccable reputation, is now offering a 20% discount on two of its most popular signs.

Signs Plus has been around for over 20 years and they bring a very important skill to their signs that most sign companies miss. They really understand how to help your church connect with the community and draw people into your services. Too many sign companies just don't understand the nuances of churches advertising. But Signs Plus specializes in making church signs that are attractive and effective.

So if you're looking for the absolute best way to use your advertising dollars, look no further than the sign sitting in front of your church. If you don't have a sign or if you need one that's more effective - now is the time to buy the best advertising form available. And, remember, you can save 20% simply by following this link today and submitting your contact information. You can even get a free DVD and there's no risk or obligation.