Church & School Signs

Church Signs offer the perfect medium for keeping a congregation updated about new events, extending a warm welcome to newcomers, or simply wishing passer-bys a peaceful quotation. An ideal way for advertising outdoors without creating an eyesore, our electronic scrolling marquee or lighted display church signs are created from our many stock models or custom manufactured to meet your needs. Whether your taste is for a changeable copy church sign or an electric flashing message board, you will certainly be pleased with our products.

School Signs are beneficial not only to the students and their families, but also to the members of the surrounding community. Our outdoor school signs can be utilized to express and increase school spirit as well as encourage attendance to school sporting or sponsored events. These signs are also an ideal means to promote upcoming fundraisers and to recognize outstanding achievements by the student's or alumni of the educational institution. Please inquire today about any of our marquee signs, electronic signs, or lighted display school signs.